Leather Computer Chairs

A leather computer chair is a sought after type of chair for the office space. Leather is a better, more comfortable material than mesh or other materials available on the market. Leather gets warm in the sun, and can get sticky in high humidity. High humidity is also not good for leather – the leather needs to “breathe.” Needless to say, the working assumption for your office space is that it’ll be air conditioned, and humidity won’t be a factor for you.

As there are many leather computer chairs on the market, one important note to understand is the difference between leather and bonded leather chairs. Many of the low cost leather chairs – $100 or so, are bonded leather. It’s not that bonded leather isn’t real leather – bonded leather and genuine leather have an almost identical appearance and smell. Genuine leather feels a little bit harder when you put hands on it. Genuine leather is made from complete pieces of animal hide. The cost of genuine leather over bonded leather is a good bit higher.

Bonded Leather Executive Office Swivel Chair
Here’s an adjustable bonded leather swivel office chair. It’s a good example of the bonded leather chairs that we speak about in this article. Certainly not a bad chair – just important to understand the differences in quality and durability.

Although everything sounds good – and you’d be thinking, well, why don’t I just buy bonded leather if the cost is much less? The answer is one that anyone who knows furniture, or knows leather can tell you – the durability. Bonded leather is not true leather. It should actually be called “faux leather,” as it’s made of leather fibers – but not actual pieces of full leather. There is very small amounts of true leather in bonded leather material.

What is Top Grain Leather?

Top grain leather is actual real leather. It’s commonly used in leather upholstered desk chairs that are of a higher quality. In full grain leathers, the top layer is left on the material. This top layer shows imperfections that are natural to the material. The material is then sanded which provides a smooth look and feel. Dyes are added, and finally the end result is a finish is added which will provide some stain resistance.