Office and Desk Chairs

Everyone needs an office or desk chair, assuming that you have a computer desk and intend to use it. Since you spend a good bit of time in this chair, it’s important to have a comfortable chair in the office. Whether it’s your home office or office at work, a comfortable desk chair can make the difference between wanting to come into work or not wanting to. Repetitive stress injuries, or RSI’s can develop if you don’t have a comfortable working chair.

There are many choices to make when you do decide to purchase a new desk chair. Instead of looking at the cost of the chair, it’s more important to go quality over quantity. For example, a mesh chair or a mesh and fabric chair may be okay for some desk users. However, if you have a back issue or are looking for something more comfortable, mesh and fabric may not be the right pick for you.

Comfortable Chairs is Important

If you’re looking for a chair with lots of support, we recommend one with arms and lots of back support. A high-back executive desk chair would suit the bill in this case. Generally, people tend to look for more back support as opposed to less. Same thing goes with arms. While there are armless chairs that do exist, there would be a specific reason or purpose why an employee may want an armless chair. They may make more sense if you are using a laptop perhaps as opposed to a desktop computer. However for most of using a desktop, or any external keyboard outside the realm of a laptop balanced in the lap, it can be quite uncomfortable to have an armless chair.

The other time that an armless chair may make sense is potentially for boardroom meetings. Meetings are sometimes with vendors or with clients, and you’re generally not hosting them or very long. If you do end up with some armless chairs whether by accident or other, throw them into the boardroom to be utilized for the function of meetings.

List of Office and Desk Chair Designs:

  • Mesh and fabric
  • Mesh
  • Task Chair
  • Armless
  • Manager’s Chair
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Bonded Leather
  • Executive
  • High-Back