Filing Cabinet

So, this may sound like an obvious statement, but when looking for a filing cabinet you need to ask the initial question – do you want it for actual files? Filing cabinets, if used for filing, have a standard size. If you’re looking for a three drawer filing cabinet (which are the most common), then the drawers should be the right size for letter size files. One way to go about sourcing a filing cabinet is to visualize the files before you purchase. If you already have files you want to place in the cabinet, bring them with you when you visit the retail location (if you plan to visit a store to browse around before buying). Visiting a store, even if you don’t buy the filing cabinet at the store, is a great way to get ideas and to put “hands-on” cabinets before making a purchase. A filing cabinet can represent an investment, so you want one that you like, and one that will last for many years.

Metal filing cabinets are likely to withstand the test of time better than their wooden brothers. Wooden filing cabinets can start anywhere from $50 and up. The quality of the wooden filing cabinet generally will depend quite a bit on the purchase price too. It will certainly make an impact. One thing you always want to look for is metal glides. Most filing cabinets will have them. To measure the quality of the cabinet and whether it’ll last long term, slide the drawers in and out.

Buy a Floor Model and Skip the Assembly

One thing you may want to consider if you want to skip assembly, is to purchase a model in the store which is already put together. If you have a large enough vehicle like a van, SUV or the like, this may be a good option for you. Walmart or Staples can be good places to make this happen – ask the floor manager if you can buy the floor model, already built. You don’t need the box then, and you skip producing all of the box contents as garbage. Of course, you also skip the assembly phase, which for many people can be tedious and time consuming. Some of us will buy furniture and never see it put together for the simple reason of not wanting to assemble it!