Secretary Desk

A secretary’s desk is an important piece, potentially even cornerstone of the work environment. Why, you may ask? Well, consider that the secretary could be the reception desk – it could be the first thing someone sees when they walk into your office. Often times, this can be the case. Even if the secretary is not at front reception – consider whether they handle the brunt of the foot traffic, or client traffic in the office. Is the secretary handling your foot traffic and clients when they come in? Do you have a process that the secretary talks to or sees all people before they see you?

If your secretary is acting as the “Gatekeeper,” then yes, you want to ensure your secretary is well outfitted to the task. As with many things in the business world, aesthetics and cosmetics can be key. If a client, partner or other comes to see your office space and it’s in a complete mess or disarray, you may have trouble continuing to facilitate that specific business relationship.

Kathy Kuo African Mahogany Secretary Desk

Here’s an example of a beautiful traditional secretary desk. The material is african mahogany, so the desk is imported and quite rare anywhere in the world.

Secretary Computer Desks are Becoming More Modern

It’s true – secretary desks are becoming more modern all the time. If you look at or find traditional secretary desks, you’ll find that they look much like writing desks. They were small, and they certainly didn’t have the space for you to put a computer monitor and other needed components on them. Secretaries were not always looked at with a flair of class – they were sub-ordinates, and not the ones in charge. This perception, much like the look of the secretary desk are becoming more modern together. Secretaries and admin staff have more power now. They have more standing, they have more authority and more capability within the organization. If you want to be able to talk to the executives, you have to make it past the gatekeeper – and more and more business-minded people are coming to this realization in today’s world. Admin staff also have more intelligence in the organization. They have a better idea of how things run, how processes work in the organization, and what to do in case of emergencies.