Reception Desk

A reception desk is often the first thing that clients, vendors and business contacts see (as well as your staff) when they come into the office. Perception is an important part of maintaining a healthy, productive and profitable business. Thus, having reception desks that look appealing and inviting are a cornerstone of having a profitable business and sleek office. The traditional rule to installing a reception desk is it should face the front door – the person who sits at the desk effectively becomes the “greeter” for the organization. Placing a reception desk that faces an alternate direction, or does not allow the “greeter” to see and interact with the front office as soon as people come in could potentially defeat the purpose of having a reception desk at all.

Some offices employ more than one receptionist. A busy lawyer’s office with multiple lawyers, or a doctor’s office may be good examples. Sometimes one receptionist is busy processing a walk-in, or a phone call and can’t immediately help the next person in line. In these scenarios, a secondary or sometimes even a third reception desk may be the correct way to go. Doctor’s offices are prime examples of this because during peak times, it can be difficult for one receptionist to field all patients.

Walnut Reception Desk
A reception desk facing the office entrance is integral to office operation, if you have reception staff. The reception staff should operate as “greeters,” who greet and talk to any and all office traffic as they enter the premises.

As with any desk, make sure to take measurements first so it’s understood as to what size of desk you need. Understanding whether there will also be other components needed, like a filing cabinet is important. Will there be one monitor or two – this also dictates how much desk space is needed. Finally, is there already pre-drilled holes in the desk for running wires or cables? Will there be storage space required, and what needs to be stored?

With the right planning and proper decision making, your business will have some beautiful and functional reception desks for your reception staff.