Executive Computer Desks

Executives need their offices to look sleek. As an executive, when you sit down to have a meeting with a client, prospect, business associate or other, much of how they perceive you is derived from the office environment. Your desk has to be up to snuff in terms of the appeal, texture, look and feel. Not to mention functional. Executives require lots of drawer space to hold all of their necessities, as well as lots of desk space. There are other questions that should be asked when sourcing desks for your executives. Here are a few questions that should likely be asked before sourcing a desk.

Establishing Executive Computer Desk Requirements & Needs

  • Does the executive want to have one monitor, two monitors, or even three monitors connected to their computer?
  • How much space is needed under the desk for the computer, cables, or other equipment?
  • Does your executive want a height adjustable desk?
Sauder Orchard Hills Executive Computer Desk
A good looking executive desk can be the difference between an elegant office like this one, or one that looks like it’s under construction. When hosting clients, vendors or business associates, perception is always key.

Another thing to consider when sourcing an executive computer desk is of course – budget. Money makes the world go round, right? When it comes to executive desks, you should likely be ready to pony up a little bit more than your average desk. You’ll probably spend somewhere between $500 – $1,000. If you need a desk with a lot of drawer space, you’re looking on the higher side. It’s also important to purchase an executive desk of a better material or build. For instance, you’re likely going to look at a solid wood desk, or something like oak or cherry wood. Desks made out of a combination of metal and wood are probably unlikely choices.