Mouse pads & wrist rests

Mouse pads are useful, and often needed in many instances. In the early days of computer usage, mice used trackballs and laser mice didn’t exist. Today, laser mice are pretty much the norm. However, depending on your workspace, you may not have a smooth surface for your mouse and you may need a mousepad. Wrist rests are nice, and they work for both your keyboard as well as your mouse. It ensures that you don’t get carpel tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries, by cradling your wrists when they are in use. People who use the computer and type a lot or constantly work on the computer, eventually wind up in situations where the wrist becomes weak or supple, and it hurts to do daily activities like pickup a bag of groceries.

Wrist rests are often overlooked as functional pieces of ergonomic attire in the workplace environment. However, they should not be overlooked and should be utilized whenever possible. As an employer, purchasing wrist rests and mouse pads with gel rests or other support is an excellent idea.

Memory Foam Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

This memory foam keyboard and mouse wrist rest is $10. When the ability to protect and comfort your wrists is this affordable, why would you not want to ensure your wrists are comfortable in the office?

Memory Foam Wrist Rests & Keyboard Set

Memory foam mouse and keyboard wrist rest sets are helpful in terms of stopping repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and sore wrists. Memory foam supports your wrists, while working to maintain the same shape time after time of usage. So when you place your wrists upon the foam, it does not change it’s shape back as fast. By adjusting itself and maintaining the shape your wrists make when placed upon the rest, your wrists are provided with more support. Having support is important to ensure that, as mentioned, no repetitive strain injury happens, and carpel tunnel is not developed.