Computer Monitor Mount Arms

Computer monitor mount arms are essential if you wish to have more than one monitor on your desk. Mind you, you could go the old school way of just plopping monitors onto your desk. This may work for your home office. In the corporate world though, people love double or even triple mount monitors. They provide freedom and a better workplace experience, as the arms can swing around and the monitors can be moved about.

Dual Arm Computer Monitor Stand

A dual arm monitor stand helps to optimize your desktop workspace. Monitors can be moved about freely, to enhance productivity and provide workflow benefits.

In order to mount monitor arms successfully, it’s important to take into account how the monitor arms will mount when establishing your desk space. For example, many monitor mount arms will need to mount to a base. The base needs to attach somehow. If the base needs your desk to have a lip in order for the base to secure properly with some sturdy screws, then you need to take that into account when sourcing a computer desk. There are often times where people get ahead of themselves and buy a whole monitor mount arm solution, without looking at the base or considering how the base will mount to the desk. This is an often overlooked issue and can quickly become a problem that results in the buyer needing to return the monitor mount arm solution due to improper planning from the getgo.

Double, Triple Monitor Mount Arms (or larger)

Monitor mount arms can come in a single variety, or a double variety, a triple variety, heck you can even mount 6 monitors on your desk if you see fit. Just remember that the more monitors you mount, the more desk space you need and also you’ll need to be aware of height requirements. For example, if you are mounting 6 monitors you will need lots of “air space” where the monitors will float about freely on the arms. Try to envision the measurements and do check these measurements before starting the build process. It’s certainly frustrating to start putting together a six monitor mount system only to find that your printer is in the way and needs to be moved, or there’s a cabinet in the way that limits the range of motion of the monitor arms severely.