Business Card Holders

Business card holders can help your office to seem more professional – to make it legit. There are all kinds of different ones on the market, ranging from simple card holders to more ornate holders made completely out of glass. You can spend a few dollars on one at the dollar store, or you can spend 20 to even 50 dollars or more on a card holder.

If you know your desk is going to be static – like you’re going to be there for a long time, then you may consider a more expensive business card holder. Buying a super expensive card holder for an office where you won’t have any visitors though does not really make a lot of sense. So, ensure that whatever you’re buying is of a functional reason. If you have a home office but you do have clients or business contacts to drop by said office, then yes it does make sense to have a card holder. However, likely not required to have a very expensive card holder in your home office.

Rotary Business Card Files

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of business card holders as well. There’s the kind that you use to hold your own business cards, and then you have ones that are used to hold the business cards of others. Rotary business card files, holders or rolodexs are another example. A rolodex used to be a really common thing to see in someone’s office. It’s basically an organized way to hold business cards. When you want to find a certain card you would flip through the rolodex until you would find it.

In today’s age, these contraptions are basically no longer required. Most of us now use digital methods to keep business cards, by scanning them or saving the details into contacts in our computer, like Outlook. It’s rare to see anyone using a rolodex anymore. Essentially, storing business cards takes up space while saving information into a computer does not so it’s more space effective to store the contacts digitally. Desk space is often at a premium, especially if you live in a cubicle at work.