Computer Desk Accessories

Computer desk accessories are those things that we use that help us in our everyday lives. They’ve made our lives easier, just like the rest of technology (when it works properly!) These accessories could be a lamp, or a printer, or something that helps us to hold our monitors together on our desk. These accessories aren’t always essential persay, but often times they help us to fulfill a need that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The cool part about this is that there is always more and more gadgets that become available in the corporate and ergonomic workspace field, as well.

Computer Desk Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are an excellent accessory that can help to improve the quality of your workspace. Yes, monitors can just be plopped onto a computer desk, but monitor arms really help to provide a level of organization. Single, dual, triple or even larger monitor arms allow the user to benefit greatly from having multiple monitors as they can be positioned the way that makes sense. You may wish to put the monitors beside each other, or further apart, or sometimes turn them a different way in order to accommodate your workflow process. There’s just much more control in terms of what the monitors can do for you, as opposed to just plopping monitors onto a desk and hoping that’ll work to improve the quality of workflow.

Computer Desk Lamps

Computer desk lamps are almost integral, if you have a darker room. Remember that eye strain as you stare at monitors is certainly an issue. If you encounter too much eye strain, you’ll have trouble doing your job or completing necessary work. Eye strain is more likely in areas with low light. So if you have an office in your basement and there’s not enough light, you may find yourself getting headaches from time to time. Natural lighting is always the best – lots of big, open windows. However, we can’t always have the abundance of natural light that we want, and we have to make due with alternative sources like lamps.

Computer desk lamps can come in a variety of options, including lamps or even cool RGB (red green blue) lighting that are USB and plug into the computer. If you have a bunch of USB ports free on your computer and find that you don’t have enough wall ports, or just want to cut down on power draw from the wall, this could be a good option for you.