Four Person Glass Reception Desk – Review

Finding a reception desk that will suit four people is no simple task. Reception desks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You may be looking for one that faces out to the world – or just to the lobby, so that it’s “receptive” when people come in to visit. This particular desk is closed off, so it may not be what you’re after if you’re looking for the welcoming effect. It works well when situated certain offices, like a doctor’s office, dentist or even medical facilities like a hospital. We’re sure there are other uses for it, too.

Dark Walnut Four Person Reception Desk

This desk is available in a dark walnut flavor as well. Some may like the darker color better, some may like the lighter color better. How about you choose?

Power Ports located on desktop – to maximize space

Power ports are built into this desk setup. With a potential four people working in this space, being able to make the best of the space is important. To that end, having the power plugs out of the way is quite useful and does help to optimize the space effectively.

The construction of this desks is MDF wood with a laminate finish, and of course the glass panel that you see in the pictures. It has a fully finished back. Now, the thing you do have to know about this (as with any desk) is there is some assembly required. If you have a colleague, co-worker or friend to help you put the desk together, that is especially helpful as there are some larger pieces that can be difficult to arrange in place without any assistance. Did we mention this desk weighs a whopping total of 669 lbs? That’s correct – it’s not exactly a small boy!

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