What are the best gaming computer desks?

The first answer to this question is: there is no such thing as a “best gaming computer desk” that suits everyone. Everyone is different, so what seems like an awesome desk to one person may not be so to the next. There’s many factors to consider as well. Of course, some of the initial questions become about what you want to put on the desk, and what do you want the desk to do. Here are a bunch of questions you should ask yourself before making the commitment to purchase a new gaming computer desk:

  • How many monitors and what size of monitors do I want to put on my desk?
  • Do I need additional features like built in USB?
  • Do I need to buy a computer monitor mount system? If so, does there need to be a lip on the desk to mount it to?
  • What kind of material should I look for with my desk purchase – glass, metal or wood?
  • Do you want to fit a printer on the desk as well – on top, or do you want a printer cabinet nearby to keep it in?

Monitors and size of monitors

Essentially if you’re buying a gaming computer desk, then chances are you have a gaming computer rig or are building one at the moment. So, gamers like to have bigger monitors. You’re likely going to want at least 24″ monitors or bigger. This means you need to budget for a minimum of 24 x 2 = 48 inches of width, plus some additional space. You’ll likely want at least 5 extra inches on each side to store things and have some desk room, so look for a desk with 58 inches of width. Make sure you measure the space where your desk will go to ensure you have enough space – 60 inches of width is good. You always want to add more inches as you go – so add some on top of the monitors, then add some on top of that for fudge factor. Keep in mind when you’re building the desk, you need extra space in the construction phase or it can be a pain to get the desk setup properly.

Gaming Style Computer Office Desk

This gaming computer desk has some cool add-ons, including a cup holder and headphone hook. Gaming desks often have some pretty nifty accessories like this.

Of course, these are dimensions based on two 24″ monitors. If you decide to go even larger then that, you need to continue with this philosophy in mind to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate larger monitors.

Built in USB with Gaming Computer Desks

Some of the more modern gaming computer desks come with some neat bells and whistles, like built in USB. Basically this means there is already USB cables throughout the desk and there are ports you can plug your accessories into. You just need to plug the USB hub into your computer and voila, pre-inserted USB ports throughout the desk. This is especially useful for streamers, or those who like to record music through their computer and have a lot of accessories. Streamers in particular have a lot of extra USB accessories like cameras, microphones, and others.

Desk Material – which is best? Wood, Glass, Metal

This is a great question and one that gets asked often. It again falls to the consumer to decide what they like best. If glass appeals to you – smooth, you can see through it, and you are a neat freak, then glass may be the best choice. We say neat freak because you need to clean glass often, in order to keep it looking neat and professional. If you are in an office tower with lots of glass, and you’re going for a “transparent” theme (everything is see through), then glass is where it’s at. Just remember, as mentioned you have to clean glass often to keep it looking it’s best.

Wood is nice when you have a decor that will match. So for instance, you’re going for a rustic decor. You’ve got lots of brown, black or other darker tones in the room. You’ve got wood shelves, you’ve got wood cabinets, you’ve got other wood furniture, etc. Wood makes sense when it matches with other wood in the room or a similar decor.

Metal desks are often a mix of wood and metal. It’s not common to find a completely metal desk. They’re heavy – very heavy. There isn’t a lot of decor matching options with a completely metal desk, so as mentioned you’re more likely to come across metal and wood desks.

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