Computer Desk Floor Models & Returned Desks

A computer desk floor model can sometimes be a good purchase. If you are visiting retail locations and looking for a good deal, a floor model can be a good deal at times. There are other advantages to purchasing a floor model, too. Some of us hate having to do the assembly part when it comes to furniture. Assembly requires time, patience and sometimes the right tools or the right skillset. Most furniture assembly is not that difficult, but sometimes the instructions can be difficult to follow. The images may not be all that helpful. If you do have trouble building the computer desk you’ve built, you could look on Youtube or other online sources for assistance with completing the task. However, if you simply don’t want to build a desk, a floor model is a great buy.

Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Computer Desk

At less than $40, this mobile laptop computer desk is an excellent example of an affordable desk solution. Mind you, it does not fit a desktop computer.

Not all stores will sell you the floor model – or display model. When you are visiting a retail location like Wal-Mart or Staples, you can ask about the floor model and see if the store may be interested to sell. If they say no, the next thing you can do is ask if they have any returned desks or other desks on sale. If you do enough browsing around, you may be able to find a deal. If the store manager (or floor manager) is willing to part with a display model, you may be able to negotiate the price somewhat with him. Try to draw attention to any issues you see with the desk, chair or other furniture. Bumps, scratches, nicks, etc. can all be called out and used as ammunition, or fuel to negotiate.

Returned Computer Desks & Furniture are marked down significantly

Asking the store manager, floor manager or department manager if there are any returned desks available is another good way to get a deal. Sometimes a desk or chair that have been returned, can be sold off for half the price or less. It’s a good idea though to ask if there is any kind of warranty or in store return period on well, the returned item. You can ask also if there is anything wrong with the item. Sometimes, furniture is returned simply because the buyer didn’t want the item. While it’s also possible that the furniture is indeed damaged, it’s not always the case.

If you are looking for inexpensive or affordable computer desks, looking for marked down items or returned desks is certainly a good idea and it does not take much to ask. Sometimes, consumers may be shy or not assertive enough to ask for the manager. However, sometimes in doing so the reward can be worth it.

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