Corner Computer Desks

Corner Computer Desks are an excellent way to save space. As the name implies, they fit into the corner of your home office, work office or wherever you require a desk. If placing a computer desk in a bedroom, a corner desk can certainly help in terms to utilize space efficiently. Space is always at a premium in just about any environment; having enough space is always the enemy. A corner computer desk is also referred to as an “l-shaped desk” because the shape is that of an L. This is in order to go around the corner of the room. Some desk manufacturers may claim that a desk is a corner desk, but if it does not resemble an L shape it does not make effective use of the corner like an l-shape desk does.

L-Shaped Computer Desk

An l-shaped computer desk essentially represents what it sounds like, it’s an L. This is useful because the user can sit on the left side, the right side, or right in the middle at the corner, between the two pieces. With a swivel chair, the user can move back and forth with the chair’s wheels between the two desk pieces. Some l-shaped desks may have a hutch above them, as well as additional storage space above, below or on either side. The desk may also feature drawers or cabinets on either side as well. Having some idea of what kind of storage space you would like is certainly of help when it comes to make a decision on an l-shaped desk.

Corner Gaming Desks

Yes, we also have corner computer desks for gamers, too. A gaming desk essentially has a number of additional components in order to make it useful for gamers. Some of these components may include a USB hub for making USB device cabling easier, or a hutch for storage to hold CDs, DVDs, paper, books and others. A CPU cart is also useful. A true CPU cart will have wheels to move about. For a gamer, having more access to the computer tower in order to open it up and make quick changes on the fly. Gamers like to upgrade their computers constantly, and may need to open the system due to fan or power issues as well from time to time. A CPU cart will allow mobility towards this end.

Bestar L-Shaped Desk with Hutch

Here’s an excellent corner desk, complete with a hutch. It’s also got a moderate price tag on it, quite affordable at $320.

Gaming Desks with Multiple Monitors

Multiple monitors is quite common with gamers, as well as power users. A power user likes to have different applications running on each monitor. For example, one monitor may be playing a video or movie, one is used for browsing the web, one is used for typing a document or doing work. If you are planning on using multiple monitors, there’s a few different considerations that you should make. The first is, will there be enough desk space to accommodate the monitors? After that consideration, the next logical one is where will each monitor be placed. If you can envision where the monitors will go before making a corner computer desk purchase, this will help to benefit the build and the ease of use in the future.

Corner Gaming Desk w Multiple Monitors

A gaming desk with multiple monitors like this one looks quite sleek. Planning out available desk space before putting a desk into place is a good way to ensure ease of use.

What Computer Desk is Right for Me?

This is a great question, and we get asked this all the time. The truthful answer is, there isn’t one desk that fits all. Everyone has different requirements, and everyone has a different budget. One of the first things to consider is what kind of material to choose. Are you into glass, or wood? Some of this answer may depend upon the decor of your room. If you have a modern office with lots of glass, steel and modern fixtures, a glass desk may be a good choice. If you have a rustic decor with many wood shelves, a wooden desk may be the right choice instead.

Another thing to consider of course is – what will you be putting on your desk? Do you need room for multiple monitors, printers, etc.? It’s always a good idea to plan out how much room you’ll need, and then add a few extra inches onto the length and width in order to ensure there’s plenty of space.